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Cristina D’Alberto

Cristina D’Alberto is a choreographer, performer, contemporary dance teacher and mother of two who lives, work and study across the UK, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. She earned her MA in choreography from Codarts University of the Arts (Rotterdam) and Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (Tilburg). Currently, she is pursuing an MA in Clinical Dance Therapy.

During her career, she toured internationally as a member of the Italy-based TPO company, a pioneering dance company using interactive technology in performances for young audiences. As a freelance performer, she collaborated with several acclaimed choreographers and directors. Her choreographic work, performed throughout Europe, delves into identities and human relationships. It examines the tangible and intangible connections between people and the artificial, natural, and imagined spaces they inhabit.

More recently, her work uses concepts of reflexivity, positionality, and situatedness to investigate the internal and external transformations of moving pregnant and ageing bodies.