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Janine & Kristin

Janine Fletcher is a Brighton-based choreographer, movement director & performer with over 20 years of experience working in dance, theatre, comedy and cabaret. She has an eclectic movement background including contemporary dance, parkour, Morris dancing and tap. She is fascinated by the knowledge we hold in our bodies and the different ways we can invite it to be present.

Recent choreography/movement direction credits include:

  • Not F**ing Sorry with learning disabled & neurodivergent artist collective Not Your Circus Dog
  • #The Baby Question with Paula Varjack, Catriona James and Luca Rutherford INCONSOLABLE! with Homos and Houmous

Over her 20 year performance history, amongst others Janine has worked with: New Art Club, Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion, Karl Jay-Lewin and the Urban Playground Team.

Kristin Loeer is a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, who helps her clients process trauma in the body and fnd a felt sense of authenticity and empowerment. She is particularly passionate about supporting artists in exploring their embodied life experiences to enhance their work and wellbeing.