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Birmingham Pro Class is a non-profit initiative, supported by local dance artists, companies and organisations, created in response to the ambition of the city’s dance sector to have a consistent offer of classes in a variety of styles. 

Birmingham Pro Class offers weekly sessions open to professional dancers, recent graduates and those in training. 



Join us for our brand new online membership that will help you get back to your peak and to continue your physical training at home. This membership is one step closer to the studio!



4 Week Membership / £15

Access to 4 x 75 min live classes via Zoom PLUS all classes will be available via our password protected Drop Box account so you can access classes anytime you like for 30 days.

*Please buy membership before Wednesday, 5pm to recieve your membership link for Thursday’s class* 




Pay as you go / £5 per class

Access 1 x 75 min live class via Zoom. Click tutor name below to buy your selected class.

*Please buy your class up until Thursday, 8am to recieve your link for Thursday’s class*

7 Jan
Laura Vanhulle

Laura uses her background in Cunningham as a baseline for her highly physical classes.

Her classes combine multiple influences – her strength as an ex-gymnast, the grounding and core of African Dance, the fluidity and circularity of Kathak, and the vitality and floor work from Flying Low to create a flowing, strength-based movement class.

Laura’s philosophy of dance also incorporates yoga practice focusing on breath and movement with a conscious intent.

14 Jan
Julie Felix

Advanced ballet barre and centre practice for technique and strength training

21 Jan
Oliver Russell

This class will focus on the interflow of Contemporary dance and the Korean martial art Tang Soo Do.Enabling a pugnacious physicality to erupt from flow. Oliver will share a new and unique movementvocabulary, breaking down the in depth combat application from which this physicality stems,unlocking your inner warrior

28 Jan
Danni Cash

Danni’s class will consist of guided phrases in fitness, strengthening and body conditioning, as well as work on all the muscles with contemporary technique. Danni will also use her commercial training with contemporary to give you a contemporary-fused combination that is challenging and fun for all. Danni focuses on keeping the dancer’s body fit and energised, to improve your training and push your body to the max. This class will for sure be sweaty but you are also guaranteed to have a great time.

4 Feb
Anna Fooks

Do you want strong and mobile hips that you can control through large ranges of motion? No matter how much you stretch, do you find you just can’t seem to get your leg up any higher? Do you want to improve your turn out? Welcome to mobility training, aka strength training for your joints. In this class we will be giving your hips a whole lot of love using principles from the functional range conditioning method. The aim is to open up more range of motion in your hips, and to close the gap between your passive and active ranges so that you can actually use it when you dance. It’s all good and well being able to chill out on the floor in the splits, but you need to actively reach that range if you want a killer split jeté or penché

11 Feb
Marcia Edwards

Marcia’s class will concentrate on strength and energy. Focusing on the flexibility of the back whilst using the core, allowing the dancer to move freely. Exercises will aim to improve and engage turnout, so the dancer is aware of stance, and correct position in a range of dynamic movement. Drawing influences from the Martha Graham Technique, Marcia will lead and advise movement theories that progress throughout the class, developing the dancer. Dancing to different music will allow dancers to experiment with timing, flow and feeling

18 Feb
Chris Radford

Focusing on using breath to wake up the body and energise the mind, the class is based in Contemporary and Afro-fusion techniques, working on expansive full-body movement, engaging central muscularity, and finding freedom and fluidity in the spin

25 Feb
Sarah Butler

Sarah’s class will focus on feeling grounded and centred, working through isolations to whole body movement and sequences. Using and building upon a dynamic upper body sequence applied to floor, standing and foot sequences, the class will seek to find different range and rhythm in the body, find space where there may be little and freedom in the contained. Sarah encourages individual interpretation and to ‘dance like no-one’s watching’ to music you can’t help but move to


DISCLAIMER / If you engage in our online dance class, you agree that you do so at your own risk; are voluntarily participating in these activities; and assume all risk of injury to yourself. Birmingham Pro Class and the tutor take no responsibility for any personal loss or injury caused whilst participating in this class

Following the Government’s statement on Coronavirus (COVID -19) group Birmingham Professional Classes are currently suspended until further notice. Please visit here to learn about the refunds and cancellations as the result of our current situation.  

If you’ve like to donate to Birmingham Pro Class during the Covid-19 lock down your donation will be invested directly into the delivery of future Pro Classes, continuing to support independent artists. Thank you.