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Frank Hickman
Booking Booking Changes **  An upgrade to our booking system means the first time you book a class you will need to make a new account. Pay-as-you-go– Onl
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Mathieu Geffré
About the class The class lightly borrows from the fundamental patterns of  Cunningham technique, supported by a sensorial approach inspired by Fasciatherapy
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Emma Price
About the class A classical ballet class for all experience levels, beginning with barre and including centre work and allegro. Booking Booking Changes
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Iona Waite
About the class Enjoy & explore a fast paced and challenging Afro-fusion class drawing on essences from Africa and beyond with a contemporary flavour. Boo
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Brum Pro Class w/ Will Hodson
About the class: Will’s class will be an energetic, full bodiedand grounded technique class. We will look at dropping your weight into, andtransition
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Brum Pro Class w/ Polly Hudson
About the class:Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) is a dance technique that is characterised by its use of imagery, tactile studies and embodied dancing. It dif
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Brum Pro Class w/ Laura Day
About the class:To be announced. Booking:Pay-as-you-go- Online booking will close 10 minutes before the start time. Please ensure all personal information
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Brum Pro Class w/ Katye Coe
About the class:Sarh's classes offer guided and multi-attentional enquirybased on principles from Skinner Releasing Technique, Contact Improvisation,Walk o
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Brum Pro Class w/ Daniel Lukehurst
About the classFun and energetic, this class will focus on centering the mind and then building up the body. Exploring improv, floor work, and contact then fini
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Brum Pro Class w/ Avatâra Ayuso
About the class:Avatâra offers a dynamic contemporary ballet class for today’s dancer with emphasis on alignment, musicality, movement qualities and
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