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Marcia Edwards

Marcia is a teacher and choreographer based in the West Midlands. She has a BA Hons from Northern School of Contemporary Dance and a PTTLS qualification. After graduating she danced with ACE Dance and Music, State of Emergency and Dida Dance Norway and toured commercially in Paris, Switzerland and Romania.  She has worked with choreographers including Nevile Campbell, Janice Garret, Jamie Watton, Gail Parmel, Barwen Tavaziva, Akiko Kitamura, Vinvent Mantsoe and Robert Moses.

She has taught in numerous educational establishments, up to the university level, led Big Dance Birmingham and worked in Great Britain’s National School Games. She teaches across the Midlands, including pro classes for Birmingham Dance Network/DanceXchange and for ACE dance and music, 2 Faced Dance and Flexus Dance Collective.

She has her own professional dance company, ME Dance whose current works include Mania, Historical Ties, Oceans of Independence and Black Country Stories; and ME Youth and Graduate Performance Company.

Her 20-plus years of experience has given her extensive connections with schools, colleges and universities, as well as international institutions such as Graham of Europe, Conception Dance Company (Grenada), NOYAM (Ghana) and Dida Dance Company (Norway).

In 2019, Marcia was Rehearsal Director for ACE Dance and Music, for a premiere of their double bill ‘Skin Re:Imagined’, having performed in the original cast.