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Birmingham Pro Class – Terms & Conditions

1.  Definitions

In These Terms and Conditions, the following words and expressions shall bear the following meanings:

a) “Birmingham Pro Class” means the Membership programme administered by FABRIC Charitable Incorporated Organisation on behalf of Birmingham Pro Class partner organisations and artists. FABRIC is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered in England & Wales. Registered Charity No. 1196368, Registered Address: FABRIC, Birmingham Hippodrome, Thorp Street, Birmingham, B5 4TB

b) “Member”, for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, refers to all individuals who sign up to the Birmingham Pro Class Annual and Monthly Membership packages or the 4-Week Pass. (Note: 4-Week Pass holders are not entitled to full membership benefits.

c) “Membership Fees” means the fees payable by members in relation to their Pro Classes and Benefits (as set out in Birmingham Pro Class current membership details on the Birmingham Pro Class website). Birmingham Pro Class relies on its membership fees to develop a stable regular bi-weekly provision for professionals and to enable the programme of professional classes to be confirmed in advance.  All membership fees go directly into funding the Pro Class programme.

d) “Start Date” means the date on which the membership commences

e) “Birmingham Pro Class Primary Contact” means the main contact details for the Birmingham Pro Class Membership Programme, as follows:

Email Address:

Postal Address: Pro Class Birmingham, FABRIC, Birmingham Hippodrome, Thorp Street, Birmingham, B5 4TB

General Telephone Number: 0121 667 6730


2.  Acceptance of Membership

a) The decision to accept the membership of an individual shall be at the sole discretion of Birmingham Pro Class.

b) Birmingham Pro Class reserves the right to verify or require proof of all information given in order to obtain membership.

c) If Birmingham Pro Class accepts the registration, membership shall commence upon the “Start Date” shown on the membership documentation.

d) The acceptance by Birmingham Pro Class of a registration for membership shall constitute a legally binding agreement between the member and Birmingham Pro Class.

e) The member has the right to cancel this agreement within 14 days of the signed “Start Date” by sending or taking a written notice (by email or post) of cancellation to the Birmingham Pro Class Primary Contact (above). Birmingham Pro Class shall refund in full any monies, which have been paid toward membership fees within this cooling off period except for a £10 administration fee which is non-refundable, along with the cost of any classes attended in the intervening period, which will be charged at the non-membership rate of £8 per class.

f) ONLINE Members will be sent a monthly Zoom link which will give access to live classes and details of the password to the protected Drop Box account so you can access classes anytime you like up to 30 days after class.

g) Membership notification may only be used by the registered member and any fraudulent use of the membership will result in cancellation of that membership with no refund being made by Birmingham Pro Class.

h) Birmingham Pro Class shall not refund membership fees where the member chooses not to attend professional classes and/or and has made no attempt to cancel their membership via the cancellation process (below).

3.  Limitation of Liability

a) Birmingham Pro Class cannot be held responsible for classes being cancelled, to a material extent, for a continuous period of 14 days (excluding planned holiday breaks) through circumstances beyond its control, after which the customer shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of their membership fees in respect of the period of unavailability.

b) Members warrant and represent that they are capable of engaging in a routine of exercise provided by any programme which they follow, or class which they attend, and that such exercise would not be detrimental to their health, safety, comfort and physical condition. Members may not exercise while either injured or under medication prescribed by their doctor without first obtaining the prior approval of such doctor.

c) Please remember for future studio classes Members are solely responsible for their own belongings whilst attending professional classes, and Birmingham Pro Class accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property.

d) On return to the studio, Members are required to observe safe practice to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their colleagues, partners, and the public, and at all times use all proper precautions to prevent loss, damage or harm by fire or accident.

4.  Consent

a) The person agreeing to the Membership shall be at least eighteen years of age.

b) The Member will be required to provide their contact details, i.e. a current address, a valid contact telephone number and email address. Please see our Privacy Policy for details as to how your personal details are stored and processed.

5.  Payment and Renewal

a) Membership fees must be paid by the date on which the membership commences (in accordance with clause 2c above).

b) Birmingham Pro Class reserves the right to increase the Membership Fees at the beginning of each term and any such changes will be published on the Birmingham Pro Class website.

6.  Cancellation of Membership

a) Holders of Monthly Memberships can, at any time cancel their membership by providing a full calendar month written notice (by email or post) addressed to the Birmingham Pro Class Primary Contact (above). The membership will be cancelled with effect from the last day of the month following the completion of the full calendar month notice period. All Membership Fees will be payable up to the date of cancellation. This means a customer commits at least two months of classes at a minimum if they buy a monthly membership. This fixed membership period is needed to ensure a stable income base for Pro Class Birmingham, and to enable the programme of professional classes to be confirmed in advance.

c) Where a Direct Debit has failed or a member has purported to have cancelled their membership without prior agreement, the membership shall be suspended until payment is received. Any member who falls behind in payment for more than 1 [one] calendar month will forfeit his/her membership and subsequent re-instatement of the membership will be subject to the outstanding current membership fees applicable at the date of re-instatement. A £25 administration fee will be added to the total Direct Debit funds owed to Birmingham Pro Class.

d) Birmingham Pro Class reserves the right to refuse admission and/or terminate membership, or suspend for a specific period or refuse to renew the membership of any member whose conduct is or may, in Birmingham Pro Class’ reasonable opinion, be detrimental to the goodwill or reputation of FABRIC and Birmingham Pro Class partners, or amounts to a material breach of the Terms and Conditions. Any member so expelled shall forfeit all privileges to membership and all rights against Birmingham Pro Class and shall not be entitled to any repayment of his/her Membership Fees for any period during which he/she is suspended. If any membership is suspended or terminated under this clause the member shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund on any advance payment they have paid, in relation to the period following suspension or termination which such advance payment covers.

e) The cancellation policy may change from time to time. Notification of any change will be displayed on the Birmingham Pro Class website.